Below is the list of services that our squad members are able to discuss with you. Choose a topic and see which of the squad members you can book with to assist.

Website management

Need to work on your website and you're not sure how or you're unsure how to even start?

Graphic Design

Get help with your design questions like; how do I create a new banner for my website or a post on social media?

Email Marketing

Staying connected with your clients is important, and being able to reach them via email can be one of the best returns on investment in your marketing plan.

Marketing Strategy

Do you need help with your marketing strategy? Get help with determining what key tactics will have the most positive outcome for your business. Let's cut through the noise and get answers to questions like;

Should you be on social media or should I use platforms like TikTok? What about targeted Google ads? What methods of advertising will be best for you?


Video content is becoming the best kind of media for promotion.

Social Media

This can be a huge array of tools like a Swiss Army knife. Staying up to date on the latest tips and tricks is important.

Google My Business page

One of the fastest ways for people to find you is by googling you. Showing up in the search results starts with you creating the GMB page.


Expanding your market beyond Thunder Bay and allowing your store to be open even when your physical store isn't open is a huge advantage. These days, consumers expect a store will have an option to order online. Get help with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and others.