Three Hughers

Three Huggers incorporates Digital Tbay mentoring in their sustainable journey

By Nancy Saunders

Three Huggers is a family-owned business dedicated to sustainability, practicality, and beauty. The concept for the business was born out of the desire to reduce the proliferation of single-use plastics, a global issue that resonated deeply with the family. Their mission is to create home goods that are not only eco-friendly, but also attractive and functional. 

Three Huggers owner Tara Bravinder started out creating and selling beeswax food wraps in her family’s local community of Thunder Bay. What started as a fun family project quickly gained traction and evolved into a full-time business for Bravinder. To continue to grow Three Huggers’ online presence, Bravinder decided to transition their website from WordPress to Shopify. This is when she reached out to Digital TBay squad member Dylan Uurainen for guidance.

“I initially went to [Dylan] because I was switching over my website, switching platforms. I'm totally new to Shopify, and wanted to make it myself … I went to him to help me do that switchover,” says Bravinder. Uurainen proved to be an invaluable resource. Uurainen’s extensive knowledge of e-commerce and Shopify shone through during their session where he addressed Bravinder’s questions and suggested solutions. Impressed by his expertise, Bravinder continued to schedule appointments to explore different aspects of Three Huggers’ online presence. Their mentoring sessions covered various topics, including graphic design and troubleshooting issues that arose after Bravinder’s website went live.

“Once I had my site up and running, I had some things that I wasn't sure of and Dylan was able to help me with them as well … Shopify’s definitely an area of expertise for Dylan. I was able to just work on stuff, make a huge list of questions, then work through all the questions I had and Dylan helped troubleshoot. He is very familiar with e-commerce and with the questions I had.”

Uurainen’s practical solutions and expertise had a direct impact on Three Huggers’ online business. “It made a huge difference … Using Shopify is just easier for the customer experience, so switching over for us, like, times fived our business.” Three Huggers’ online store became more efficient and user-friendly, resulting in increased sales.

“I would absolutely recommend Digital TBay's mentoring services to small businesses. If we have something that fits with one of the other mentoring options Digital TBay offers, we will definitely try there first. It was so amazing—I'm all for it,” says Bravinder.

Digital TBay squad member Dylan Uurainen’s expertise in Shopify and e-commerce, coupled with the tailored guidance he provided, empowered Three Huggers to make a successful transition and thrive in the competitive online marketplace. This success story is a testament to the tremendous value of mentoring, and to the importance of seeking out and utilizing available resources for small businesses aiming to grow and prosper.

In addition to their own products, Three Huggers curates a selection of products from like-minded companies that share their values and quality standards. Visit their online shop and check out their list of retailers at

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