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Mentoring Helps Rose n Crantz Roasting Achieve Social Media Goals

By Nancy Saunders

Rose n Crantz Roasting Company, a beloved local coffee roaster in Thunder Bay, has been sharing a passion for great coffee and community since 2013. The company believes that coffee should be an enjoyable and accessible experience for everyone. Rose n Crantz’s tenth year in business marks a significant achievement; and saw the company looking to further elevate its brand and expand its market presence. When social media director Jesse Roberts learned of Digital TBay's free mentoring services, she jumped at the chance to receive some helpful expertise.

Jesse credits Digital TBay’s digital squad member Brook Dallaire with helping Rose n Crantz achieve its goals in three key areas: graphic design, social media management, and website development. "Brook has been amazing. She has been helping us answer questions we didn't even know to ask. Her guidance has been invaluable," says Roberts.

Brook’s mentoring was particularly impactful when Jesse was planning a new product launch–Brook guided Jesse through developing a marketing plan and ways to track progress, while offering advice and support through brainstorming. Brook also helped ensure everything was on track for success. Jesse is grateful for the regular meetings with Brook, which kept her accountable and focused on her objectives. “With the support of Digital TBay's mentoring program, we were able to break down overwhelming tasks into manageable steps, which resulted in steady progress.”

Rose n Crantz employees Jenna Hayes and Michelle Mucha also participated in mentoring sessions with Brook. ”She’s very personable, and very easily approachable. I could ask any questions and not feel silly,” says Jenna, adding that she found it very easy to learn from Brook. “[Brook] was genuinely interested in helping. She came to our location which was fantastic, and it made it so much easier for us.”

One of the most valuable take-aways for Michelle was learning about Meta Business Suite, a one-stop shop used to manage marketing and advertising on Facebook and Instagram. “Brook taught us a lot about Meta, which was something that we wanted to learn. We’re now able to schedule posts, which is super cool since our post times are not during business hours.” The team now schedules social media posts one week in advance, often using recognized special days to generate engaging content–another tip from Brook.

Rose n Crantz celebrated the grand opening of its new location at 905 Copper Crescent in July, and Jesse, Jenna and Michelle credit the advice and support they received from Digital TBay with helping raise awareness of the event and make it a success. Says Jenna, “For our grand opening, Brook gave us some fantastic ideas for schedules, for promoting, for things to focus on that I wouldn't have even thought of. That made a huge difference in our planning.” Jesse agrees that these and other new social media strategies have made positive differences across the board. “I have been noticing results since the [Rose n Crantz] crew has been working with Brook and we're starting to put out more reels and a wider variety of content through our social media accounts. I'm seeing a steady increase in the number of followers. But more importantly, we're seeing a steady increase in the level of engagement with our content,” says Jesse.

Digital TBay's mentoring services led to the development of effective marketing strategies and the creation of engaging content, with clear results. Rose n Crantz looks forward to accessing additional mentoring through Digital TBay to further enhance their online presence. As they celebrate their tenth year as a local business in Thunder Bay, Rose n Crantz Roasting Company stands as a testament to the power of community, passion, and strategic mentorship, all of which have played a pivotal role in their journey of continuing to brew success while embodying their company slogan, "Love the coffee you drink, and drink the coffee you love”.

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