Go Beyond the Show

Go Beyond the Show Accesses Free Mentoring Services to Share Live Music with Broader Audience

By Nancy Saunders

Michelle Addison’s great enthusiasm and passion for live music is evident immediately upon speaking to her about her business, Go Beyond the Show. “I have had a lifelong love of live music, since I was 5 years old. I am obsessed with live music. Being in a small town, I always thought I had to go away to get really good live music experiences. What I started to realize was that we have great talent in this city, and that if we could tap into their talent and give them the opportunity to perform more, then more people would be able to be part of it; to experience it. When people have an amazing experience with live music, it leaves them so overjoyed,” Addison shares.

Go Beyond the Show strives to make live music more accessible to music fans by recognizing and optimizing the ways in which live music can positively impact quality of life. “We collaborate with musicians and their teams as a creative thinking partner, innovator and problem solver … [We specialize] in fan engagement, fan experience, wellness and social impact in the music industry,” explains Addison. “We believe in having fun while doing good—cultivating connection through music.”

Addison launched the business three years ago in part as a fun creative outlet. “I wanted to create joy for people through music. I asked myself, ‘What part can I play to bring more opportunities for musicians to play live, and for audiences to connect with that?’,” explains Addison.

In large part due to the pandemic, Addison began looking for ways to broaden her company’s reach using social media and a website. The assistance she found through Digital TBay is allowing her to expand Go Beyond the Show’s online presence. Whether the digital realm is somewhat familiar territory or an anxiety-inducing and daunting next step, Addison encourages business owners across the board to take advantage of these free, local mentoring opportunities. “To anyone who is dabbling into a new business, to people who are experienced in business and have a really thriving business, I think there are incredible opportunities to access and support us. I would encourage anyone who thinks they can benefit from that kind of support to just go in and use it. It’s a really incredible gift to have that opportunity.”

Addison had a number of questions prior to her mentoring sessions. She wanted to learn more about how social media could help her make music more accessible. “I knew that I could expand in my social media for my business; I knew I could think differently, and there were things I didn’t know—about Facebook especially. I also wondered what a website could do, and if it would be helpful.” Addison explains that because her business is a passion side project that she does not rely on for income, and that doesn’t generate significant revenue, she had not invested in a web designer. “It just didn’t feel like the timing was right; I was still just dipping my toes in. It was early stages. So when I saw the opportunity to access free mentoring from people who I know to be really talented, I thought that was a great opportunity. I put my name in, applied, and booked my spot,” she explains.

Addison worked with squad member Brook Dallaire and is very pleased with the experience. She found Dallaire to be engaging, energizing, approachable and easy going. “I wasn’t being judged … I just felt like I had this awesome mentor who was eager to show me what I didn’t know. I had specific questions, all of which she answered.” A lot of what Addison learned was new information that she wasn’t aware she didn’t have. “I didn’t know how to use any of the free business aspects of Facebook that I have access to. Through screen sharing [Dallaire] showed me how to use really practical tactics that will instantly change how I post, how easy it is to post and edit, and to schedule posts—for free!”

During their session, Addison says she had several “Aha!” moments. She and Dallaire discussed various apps and their uses, with Dallaire helping Addison feel valued and listened to. “You can tell [Dallaire] likes to learn as well. It was really cool to have that give and take, back and forth. She was super easy-going and so knowledgeable. She explained it in an easy way, made sure I was keeping up with what she was showing me, checked in with me—she is a really good educator,” shares Addison.

Addison looks forward to working again with Dallaire and potentially booking future sessions with other Digital TBay squad members. “What I love about the [Digital TBay program] is that I can do a follow-up to get more advice. What I learned opened me to new possibilities, so when I’m ready to move on those, it’s great to know that I can reconnect again.”

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