Why do I need a 360 photo for my business?

You may not know it, but 360 cameras, or at least the concept, to get a 360 degree shot has existed since 1857. It wasn't until 1887 that someone created a rotating stand for cameras allowing them to shoot in 360 degrees.

Since then, there has been an evolution in the technology with the digital cameras, smartphones and social media, but still there was a void for those who wanted to show more to their audiences and there wasn't an affordable product in the market.

In recent years, a few brands have joined the rising demand of 360 cameras, creating products for the consumer market such as GoPro with their model GoPro MAX 360, Insta360 and RICOH. They have proven that the 360 consumer niche exists, and the need is out there to be used by others such as proffesional photographers, marketers, youtubers and influencers or even businesses.

Nowadays, as businesses are challenged to maintain their traditional customers but at the same time appeal to younger customers, with their hyper connected behaviours in social media. It is important to try to stay on top of the digital trends, searching ways to create new experiences to please these potential customers. “Gadgets” like these seem a viable solution to show, promote and get customers a good look at the interior of their businesses.

Some platforms allow us to upload 360 photos from your smartphones and some others only form your Laptops. Below a tutorial on how to upload your 360 photos on Social Media that today supports 360 images and videos.

We believe that there is much more to accomplish for the expanding social media platforms when it comes to 360 degrees images or videos, but it will take some time until more and more people adapt to these new cameras. In the meantime take advantage of your 360 photo to promote your business.

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