How to upload a 360 photo into your website.

Nowadays, there are different technological options that allow you to create your own website, but to upload images with 360 effect requires a specific technology to allows the user have that 360 effect and most of these platforms not directly support that.

For this, there are specialized pages, which process the 360 photos and generate a link. This link is supported by website platforms:

1. Upload the 360 photo into one of the specialized web.

2. The specialized website automatically will generate a code or link.

3. Copy and paste that link into your website.

There are many options, but I will list below some of the specialized pages or web services that allow you to generate the link with the 360 photo to publish it on your website:

Also, because there are many website creation platforms, below I leave a list of the most known, where you can find the step by step to publish the link with the 360 photo.

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