Dylan Uurainen

Co-owner of Digital Mammoth, a branding, design & web development company


Dylan is a graduate of the Interactive Media Development program at Confederation College. Upon graduating in 2017, he worked for design companies based in Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie. In February 2021, Dylan and a co-worker started Digital Mammoth, offering web design, web development, graphic design and branding. 


“The overall goal is helping people get online so that they can reach new customers. I’m hoping that some people who don’t have websites book some calls, so that we can get them online. If cost was an issue in the past for them, and that’s why they don’t have a website, now’s an opportunity to get help with a website. They can do it for free, basically. I know that depending where you go for a website, cost can be a big setback.” 

Favourite way to support business owners

“The main reason why I’m in development is problem solving. [Business owners] come with some kind of work flow issue, or feature they need on their site, and I basically problem solve to fix it. It sounds basic, but that’s one of the things that drives me: to solve people’s development problems.”  

Trends in the business

“A big part of everybody’s business is to get their emails and websites working.” Dylan has been helping people with their Shopify websites, and helping them get their domains and emails sorted out. “Six years ago when I started, every company in town had a basic brochure site, and now you’re seeing a lot of companies doing ecommerce. I’m finding I’m building a lot of Shopify websites so that people can start selling online.”